We are a Women & Veteran Owned Estate Sale Company that Services San Antonio, TX and Surrounding Areas

Whether you are liquidating an estate, moving, downsizing, or de-cluttering, let us help you. We have over 20 years of combined experience with selling and re-selling everyday items, vintage items and antiques.

Our team is professional, compassionate and sensitive to your needs. Our goal is to liquidate your estate as quickly as possible while generating the largest amount of revenue for you.

How Do I Request Your Services?

Click HERE to contact us via email or fill out our contact form.

What Happens Next?

We will reach out to you to set up an in-person meeting to discuss your needs, wishes and walk-through of your home. It will be important for us to see the location of the home, the size of the home, and the items to be sold. We will also discuss everything you can expect from our team. Then, we will go over the contract and our fees. At this point, you are under no obligation to hire us (unless you decide to sign the contract at the initial in-person meeting).

If I Hire You, What's Next?

Once the contract is signed and the dates of your Estate Sale is agreed upon, we will coordinate our prep schedule with you.

What Is The Schedule I Should Expect?

Our Prep Schedule is the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday before the Estate Sale. We work from 9am to 3pm on these days.

The Estate Sale Schedule is Friday 9am - 4pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm, and Sunday 9am - 2pm. However, dates and times can be altered based on foot traffic and size of the Estate. After all, the goal is to liquidate the Estate to generate as much money for you as possible.

What Does Prep Work Mean?

During our Prep Schedule we will begin the process of organizing, staging, and pricing. NOTE: It will be important for all items not being sold to be removed from the home (if possible).

Will I Have To Provide Supplies For You?

No! We will bring all necessary supplies including tables, signage, receipt books, pens, markers, tape, labels, cash box, payment system, fencing for crowd or vehicle control and more.

What Will Be Required of Me?

On Prep Days - We may ask you to assist us by cleaning items you want to sell or by helping us re-arrange furniture for staging and organizing purposes.

On Estate Sale Days - It will be beneficial for you to assist us with answering any questions about any of the items being sold. You will be surprised how many questions come up.

What About Advertising?

That is an important question! Glad you asked! We advertise 2-4 days before the estate sale. We advertise on estatesales.net, Facebook, Offerup, Craigslist, the Yard Sale app, and other social media sites. We will take pictures of items being sold and will post those pictures in our advertisments.

What Happens With Items That Didn't Sell?

We cannot guarantee that all of the items in the home will be sold. However, we can offer solutions for cleaning out the remaining items. These solutions can range from donating them to a non-profit organization, selling all items left for a reasonable bulk price and continuing your working relationship with us after the estate sale so that we may attempt to sell more items for you (for a fee). All options will be discussed during our initial in-person meeting.

What Are Your Fees?

Click HERE to review our Fees & Pricing Page.

When Do I Get Paid?

After the Estate Sale ends, it can take us up to five business days to reconcile all receipts against the cash & card transactions and to wait for all transactions to clear. Once all necessary fees, as well as our percentage have been paid, we will then cut you a check. You can expect your check by the Wednesday after the Estate Sale has ended.

What If I Change My Mind?

You are under no obligation to us until you sign the contract. However, once the contract is signed, we have committed our services to you and will take on no additional clients. Should you change your mind at any point after signing the contract, a $1,000.00 cancellation fee will be imposed and will be due immediately.