Prohibited/Restricted Item Policy

Because we advertise on as well as social media sites, there are items that we are prohibited from advertising. There are also items that we, as a company, will not sell during an Estate Sale.

Items we can sell but cannot advertise:
* Firearms (we will coordinate the sell of any firearms for the buyer but will not have the firearms available for open sell during the scheduled Estate Sale)
* Medical Devices and Equipment (as long as they do not require a doctor's prescription)

Items we will not sell:
* Adult Items (pornography or items with nudity, sex toys)
* Alcohol (we will sell collectible bottles as long as they are empty)
* Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
* Tobacco or E-Cigarettes (we will sell pipes without tobacco)
* Live Animals
* Destructive Items (bombs and explosives and the like)
* Medications
* Medical Devices that require a doctor's prescription
* Offensive Items (any item that promotes hatred or violence of any kind, any item that has racial slurs written on them, any item that celebrates hate groups)


Should there be any of the listed prohibited items in the home, we will respectfully ask that you remove those items to prevent any violations. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.